10 Bombastic Beard Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

"When I was a kid, I had this idea that I would have a beard when I got older. I thought it'd be nice to rub my chin." - Rosario Dawson

Beards are great. Yes, there's no doubt about it: they're warm, they're comforting, they're manly, and they're so versatile that a new style seems to emerge from the woodwork almost every day.

To celebrate the majesty of the beard, we’ve hand-sourced some amazing beard facts from around the globe - mainly because we love them and also because we’d like to put the incredible capabilities of the facial ferret into full living, breathing perspective.

Without further ado, here are 10 amazing facts about beards that you probably didn’t already know...

One. If you wanted to wear a beard during the latter part of Russian Tsar Peter the Great's reign, you had to pay a beard tax. Yes, as Peter wanted to modernize the state, and he felt long beards we're old hat, anyone with facial hair had to pay the price, literally.

Two. Science suggests that on average, a man’s beard will grow five-and-a-half inches every year.

Three. Pogonophobia is an accurate fear of beards (something we certainly don't have here at CON MOTO. Should you experience this affliction, you’ll suffer from symptoms of nausea, heavy feelings of dread, profuse sweating and an irregular heartbeat. One of the strangest beard facts we've ever come across, but true nonetheless.

Four. In Turkey, moustaches and manliness are synonymous. If you're struggling to grow a tache in Turkey, certain doctors will perform a hair transplant, taking strands from other spots on your body and crafting them into a permanent lip lima.

Five. A study suggests that beards actually help to protect against nasty infections and bacteria. In fact, swabs taken from 408 bearded male hospital workersfound that clean-shaven men were up to three times more likely than bearded men to carry horrible bacteria on their faces.

Six. If you think Gandalf sports heck of a beard, think again my friend. It's well documented that a beard has the capability of growing four times longer than the height of the person wearing it. That said, if your six feet tall, your beard could well grow up to a length of 24 feet. That’s one heck of a beard fact.

Seven. The University of Southern Queensland found that facial hair is able to block up to 95%of the sun’s harmful UV rays. So, a beard can serve to protect you from things such as basal-cell carcinomas. Plus, growing a beard can also help to prevent visible signs of ageing around your face, head and neck. Bonus.

Eight. Number eight in our rundown of beard facts is quite amazing: a beard can help if you suffer from pollen or dust allergies, or anything remotely similar. In certain cases, a beard can even work like a filter to prevent dust or pollen from settling, much like your nostril hair.

Nine. This is one of our weirdest facts about beards. Once upon a time, to add earnestness to a royal message, a king would attach three of his single beard hairs to the wax seal. Again, strange but oh so true.

Ten. Perhaps the most fun of our beard facts, members of ZZ Top are as celebrated for their mighty beards as they are for their music. But despite this, not everyone wanted them to keep their facial hair. The band's lead vocalist and guitarist, Billy Gibbons, and bassist Dusty Hill, were once offered a cool $1 million to shave their beards for an advert. They declined.

There you have it fellas, 10 amazing beard facts for your reading pleasure. If these facts about beards have inspired you to grow a mighty facial mane of your own, you might want to try our DIY beard oil recipe - it’s a real winner.

Jason Speziale