4 Head-Turning Long Hairstyles For Men

If you're reading this, chances are that you've just gone through the laborious task of growing your hair below your chin line - either that or you're just about to embark on such an adventure.

That said, at this point, we'd like to wish you the best of luck or say a heartfelt congratulations.

Long hairstyles, if you can pull them off or maintain them, are incredibly rewarding and if you choose a long hairstyle that suits your face, as well as your personality, you will turn heads in the street, believe us.

Now, when you've grown long, flowing locks, you have essentially given yourself an incredible canvas to work with. And, contrary to popular belief, just because you have a long hairstyle, that doesn't mean you have to wear it dangling down lank and lifeless, or necessarily whip it into a man bun. No, friend, when it comes to long hairstyles for men, the sky is (almost) the limit.

Long hairstyles for men

To help guide you on your quest to lengthy hair enlightenment, here are four hand-picked, head-turning long hairstyles for men that with a little styling, will work for all hair colours, types and levels of thickness.

Long, side parted & textured

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A long hairstyle that is particular effective for (but not limited to) men that love to keep it lengthy but are wrestling with a receding hairline, the side parted or swept over, textured look will provide additional volume while covering up the thinner sections nearest to your forehead, seamlessly.

The likes of David Beckham and Johnny Depp have sported this look in the past, helping to pioneer the flowing, textured side parted aesthetic. By applying the right product to your palms and fingertips and running your hands down with and against the grain from top to bottom, and vice-versa, you’ll achieve that slightly messy, wonderfully textured effect.

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Long and brushed back

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An alternative take on the side parted or wind swept long haired look, the brushed back style oozes casual sophistication, plus it's easy to manage or maintain.

The trick with this particular long hairstyle for men is to ensure it looks natural, rather than too slick (we doubt that you want to look like Patrick Bateman in American Physco) - which means applying a strong pomade, lightly and with care.

The brushed or indeed, swept back, long-haired style is a timeless classic, and with a little trial and error, plus the right product, you’ll be able to achieve a look that will make your pals green with envy.

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Tapered sides with a messy comb over

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As we mentioned earlier, growing your hair long means that you have an extensive canvas to work from - and if you're craving something with a little extra rock & roll edge, the tapered look may well be the one for you.

The brilliant thing about this long hairstyle is the fact that it works perfectly for both straight and curly hair - and it looks awesome.

Maintaining the ‘tapered sides and comb over combo’ does take a little more effort than some long hairstyle for men as the back and sides will need to be trimmed fairly regularly. Plus your styling regime may be a little more extensive to get perfect arrangement on top - but, man, it will be worth it.

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Shaved sides

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 Perhaps one of the most striking long hairstyles for men around today is long flowing hair accompanied by shaven sides or an undercut.

A look that was once sported by grunge icons including Eddie Vedder and the late Kurt Cobain, this do has evolved to suit a variety of stylings, hair types and aesthetics.

Whether you have medium-length flowing locks or hair all the way down your back, there a variety of ways you can style or wear your hair to showcase this jaw-droppingly contrasting do - including loose buns, side sweeps or partings, textured top knots or brushed back looks - and the best part is, so long as you keep shaving those sides, the sky really is the limit. All you have to do is let your creativity be your guide.

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We hope these four tip-top long hairstyles for men have given you the inspiration you need to create that next bold new look, and if you’d like any personal styling tips or advice, please do drop us a line.

Jason Speziale