4 Rock-Solid Reasons Why Hair Pomade is King

Guys, whatever way you wear your mane and no matter what length it may be, at one point or another we all wonder how to style men’s hair the right way.

Well, in our opinion: while there may be certain methods and practices you should follow to ensure your hair is styled to its maximum potential, everyone has their own tips, tricks and rituals - and that is a wonderful thing - a wonderful thing indeed.

That said, one thing you should never overlook when it comes to hairstyling is hair pomade. Yes sir, when it comes to hairstyling, hair pomade is king - and if you don’t have a product that is not only of high quality but is suited to you, your style, and your personality, you’d might as well wear a hat, permanently.

So, fellas, hair pomade is indeed the king of the hair styling jungle and if you’d like your ‘do to go that extra mile, you need it in your life. And here are five rock-solid reasons why…

Style and hold

First of all, hair pomade not only maintains the position of your hair but it also empowers you to experiment with new styles while fortifying your locks and making them smell amazing.

In addition to trying out new hairstyles, a good hair pomade can give your hair a slick or natural aesthetic, depending on the amount you use. It's very versatile stuff, and it will give you a wealth of hairstyling options every day - a real win-win.


Bowl cuts and pompadours of all shapes and sizes are bang on trend right now, and by adding a health dose of volume to your ‘do, you can really set yourself apart from the crowd - hair pomade allows you to do just that.

With mighty pomade, there’s no need to breathe in hairspray fumes to pile your hair skyhigh: all you have to do is apply a little product to your palms, push your mane up from the roots and boost your hair to preference.

Beard goals

Many men sport a beard, some full, some stubbly, but one thing many guys have in common is the fact that they find it hard to style them they way they would like.

Well, hair pomade is not only good for head hair, but it also works wonders for beards too. A pea-sized dollop of pomade will do the trick when it comes to styling your beard, bestowing it with shape, shine and an individual style. With regular use, you might also find that your hair appears to be softer - it will smell awesome too - and finished with a decent beard oil, you'll have the best face ferret in town.


Circling back to our point about the superior hold hair pomade offers, this magical stuff boasts a Trojan power when it comes to taming wild manes of all shapes and sizes.

Frizzy hair and split ends sticking out every which way possible can make your hair appear messy, but in a bad way, even if you’re dressed up to the nines. But, the weight and magical properties of pomade will ensure the wilder strands on your head stay in place and remain close together without making your hair look or feel greasy - it really is wonderful stuff.

There you have it: four rock-solid reasons to go out and grab the hair pomade of your dreams.

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Jason Speziale