A Guide on How to Blow Dry Hair for Men

Gents, hair for men is a big deal. Whether you’ve got long hair, short hair, medium-length hair, a curly mane, spaghetti straight locks, heaps of natural volume or your mop is cutting it a little fine, to maximize the look and feel of your desired ‘do, knowing how to blow dry your hair properly is an essential skill.

Now, while a good dose or a dollop of quality pomade will help you achieve exceptional results, if you know how to blow dry your hair the right way, you can add an extra dimension of aesthetic mastery to your hairstyle on those all-important special occasions (or the times when you want to feel even more amazing than you are already).

To put the power of knowing how to blow dry hair properly into perspective, here are the three main benefits:

●  By blow drying your hair, you will ensure no damp patches remain, giving you the best possible styling canvas for your pomade of choice - helping you to achieve the perfect results.

●  Knowing how to blow dry hair will help you guide the contours of your hair in the way you most desire. If you wave waves in your hair and you want it to rest straight, blow drying will help you do so, and vice-versa.

●  If you have fairly flat hair and you're looking to give it a boost - or heck - if you already have plenty of volume and you want to make your mane massive, blow-drying your hair from the roots upwards will give you oodles of boost.

Now that you understand the perks of blow drying hair for men, here are the five essential steps to getting it just right.

Step One. Laying the foundations

Before you pick up your hair dryer, you should use a towel thoroughly, patting and rubbing every area of your hair from root to tip twice over to remove as much excess moisture as humanly possible. That’s how you lay your blow drying foundations.

Step Two. Choose your toolkit

Prior to physically blow drying your hair, make sure you have your hair pomade to hand, in addition to a round hair brush for contour styling, a quality comb for styling refinements and a mirror that you can work from, comfortably.

Step three. Prep your style

Run your fingers through your hair until your semi-dry mane is resting more or less in the fashion that you'd like the final result to resemble. If you're going for the messy, textured look, rough your hair up at the crown with your fingertips; if you're going the sharp, sleek look, run through any knots with your comb.

Step four. Time to blow dry

Now that you’ve made your preparations and gathered your tools, it’s time to blow dry your hair, finally. Start with hot air, lifting up one section at a time if you have long hair or honing in on one area at a time if you have short hair. Work from the scalp and roots, moving your round brush from top to tip, curling under at regular intervals if you’re looking to add volume to your hair.

With your comb and a hit of cold air from your dryer, use your comb or fingertips to refine the style of your hair, making the last drying adjustments, as required or desired, before you begin the final styling phase of the operation.

Step five. The final countdown

With your hair blow dried to perfection, now’s the time to make those all-important finishing touches by grabbing your pomade of choice and applying it to your hair in the right quantity for the look you’re aiming to achieve (a small amount for that natural look and a liberal application of the slicker, more styled aesthetic), using your fingers to loosen separate the hair to add texture and shape.

Check everything over one more time, making tiny tweaks as necessary (we know you’re a perfectionist) then head outside and show off your shiny new mane to the public.

How to blow dry hair for men: bonus tips

To give you the best possible chance of blow drying your hair to perfection, here are some bonus tips for your reading pleasure:

●  Decide on the main reason your blow drying your hair (to maximize your fringe, to add shape to the back and sides, to add overall volume, etc.) and focus on that area the most during the process.

●  Always work with what you’ve got and don’t fight your hair’s natural flow too much. Instead, embrace your hair and use your hair dryer to enhance or slightly modify its natural style.

●  Let the hair dryer do the work, using your free hand to make the styling tweaks and adjustments sparingly.

● Keep on practicing, experimenting and trialing until you get it just right. Who knows? You may even stumble upon a few signature styles you can work with on rotation.

We hope our guide on how to blow dry hair for men has given you all of the knowledge you need to get the most from your hairstyling regime, and if you need a hand deciding on which pomade is best for you, check out our handy CON MOTO guide.

Jason Speziale