Classic Retro Men’s Hairstyles That Are Trending Right Now

While some style yo-yo in and out of fashion or fade into a fine dust in a matter of fleeting moments, some never truly fall out of trend.

That said, fellas, we thought we’d let you in on the retro men’s hairstyles that are not only currently smack bang on trend, but due to their timeless nature, never 100% go out of style.

So, if you’re looking for a trending hairstyle with a touch of retro flair, these modernized versions of retro men’s classics are what you need for supreme throwback inspiration.

Let’s get started with the classic mod cut.

The mod cut

The mod movement is one of the UK's most iconic subcultures and if you're unfamiliar with it, we suggest watching The Who’s classic rock & roll movie, Quadrophenia; you should listen to the soundtrack too.

With sharp suits, desert boots, long fishtail parkas, immaculate Italian scooters and sharp, iconic haircuts, mods were a group of young, frustrated working class people with a thirst for American R&B, high-end fashion and rebellious antics.

The classic mod cut, a short, slick version of the legendary Beatles mop top, this retro men’s hairstyle involves a defined fringe or bangs, worn heavier on top with tapered but pushed forward back and sides.

This particular hairdo has drifted in and out of style over the decades and is now trending again, worn in longer, contemporary forms by the likes of Liam Gallagher who opts for a more feathered, layered take on this iconic retro cut.


The quiff

The classic quiff - or 50s pompadour is a trending haircut that has stood the test of time ever since it was popularized by the likes of Elvis Presley back in the rocking 1950’s. And now, it’s bigger, better and more on trend than ever before.

Worn with clearly defined sideburns or a well-shaped beard, this more extreme, combed and slick-looking member of the pompadour family conjures up the mass excitement of the 1950s rock & roll movement and today, this trending hairstyle looks immense in all of its throwback glory.

With a back and sides that are cropped or buzzed (for that ultra-modern look) and faded into a slick back quiff that oozes 50s charm, this is one trending retro men’s haircut that works wonders for any occasion, outfit or situation.


The undercut

The undercut is a trending hairstyle that is considered fashionable in its short, medium and long form - and it's perhaps the most versatile ‘do on the list.

The reason the men’s undercut is so versatile is because you can buzz the back and sides as long or as short (in terms of clipper grades) as you wish, depending on how extreme a look you’re looking to create, and regarding the top section - you can go as long and floppy or textured as you like - the sky’s the limit.

Forced into the public consciousness kicking and screaming by the 90’s grunge movement, the undercut became an international sensation during the decade - and now it’s right back on trend in all of its creative, modernized and eclectic glory.

The neat side-parting

A retro men’s hairstyle that transcends the decades in terms of style, the legendary neat side parted aesthetic is a look that has been sported by a selection of iconic 50s rock & rollers, some mods (in a non-quiffed fashion), 80s pop stars, 90s Wall Street types, contemporary creatives and Hollywood movie stars.

The slightly-quaffed, immaculate side-parted aesthetic saw a renaissance with the popularity of the ad industry-inspired drama Mad Men - and it’s a really hot hairdo right now - it’s also a style that suits most pretty much every hair type and face shape imaginable. Oh, and despite the fact 

that you have to get your haircut regularly to achieve optimum style, daily maintenance is easy - all you need is the perfect dose of pomade and you’re good to go.

These four trending men’s haircuts, while retro, make amazing templates for modernized styles with a classic throwback look - and by taking the time to think about what will suit you, your fashion sense and your lifestyle - you’ll be rocking a brand new, jaw-dropping retro look in no time.

All of these reto men’s hairstyles can be enhanced with the right hair product. For a dollop of personal inspiration, check out the four reasons why pomade is king.

Jason Speziale