Fellas, Here Some Tips on How to Thicken Hair

While balding or recession is a real bugbear for men, another common issue is having what's considered to be lank, flat or thin hair.

While it’s true that having thin hair is perhaps better than having none, flat, fine hair does have a tendency to stick to the contours of the scalp, reducing style, losing bounce and looking generally lacklustre as a result.

But, never fear, if you are wondering how to thicken hair, you’re in luck, because we have a few tricks and tips up our sleeve, just for you.

So, for that mighty, almost Biblical, Samson effect (well, pre-haircut, anyway), here are some practical ideas on how to thicken hair…

How to thicken hair for men


A member of the vitamin B family, biotin has the kind of magical properties that are geared towards the acquisition of men's thick hair.

A study suggests that taking high doses of biotin can help to treat weak hair and nails - and by applying biotin directly to the hair - your barnet (again, a London word for hair) will benefit from a healthy dose of shine and bounce in no time.

There are plenty of biotin-rich shampoos out there - so choose your weapon and start and get a lather going, immediately.


Seeds, for thick men’s hair? Yes, that’s right. The thing about flaxseed is it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids - which are great for encouraging fuller, thicker, healthier hair in addition the kind of anti-inflammatory properties that also work wonders for the skin - a real two birds with one stone ingredient.

Start adding a little flaxseed to your diet everyday by sprinkling a handful or two into your yogurt, fruit salad, cereal, stew, soup or broth - and before long you’ll notice a notable difference to the volume of your hair.

Rosemary oil

When you’re looking for effective tips on how to thicken hair, this is perhaps one of the most effective, and instant, of all.

Rosemary Oil is somewhat of a magical elixir in the way that it helps to stimulate hair growth, and can make your hair fuller, and thicker, with just a few applications to the scalp. Some people also say that it can prevent baldness; however,  there's no concrete evidence of that. But, never fear, if you are going a little bald on top - we've got some top-notch styling tips with your name on them.

Special sauce (supplements)

Now, when we say 'special sauce', we mean a few tried and tested supplements that you can try to achieve that kind of thick men's hair you've always wanted. Here they are:

  • Cod liver oil: Swallow one of these a day as they are packed full of hair-thickening fatty oils.

  1. Vitamin-B Complex: Taking 325 micrograms of this a day, in addition a dose of vitamin-B12, will help thicken your hair while making your skin and nails radiate - in the most manly way possible.

  • Vitamin C: Upping your daily intake of vitamin C will also help to make your hair healthier, fuller and more filled out. You can take a vitamin pill alongside a good old fashioned glass of OJ, a juicy orange or a nice big portion of spinach or broccoli.


Generally, when you have thin or fine hair, wearing a shorter style will make it appear thicker - but you shouldn't have to do that if you don't want to.

If you have a shorter style and you'd like to pep your hair up, you should try applying a light dab of Original Pomade, or a similar product to your scalp, pushing the hair upwards and styling it to preference.

If you have long or medium-length hair and you want to add a touch of volume to your do, you should our Con Moto Clay, or a similar product, and add a conservative dab in and around your crown, as well as your tips, and push your hair up to get that bouncy, textured look.

Fellas, we hope our top tips on how to thicken hair help you on your journey towards the volume you've always wanted, and if you're looking to make your hair silky and smooth, check out our homemade conditioner recipe, especially for men.

Jason Speziale