How to Get Thicker Looking Hair

Want to know the secret to fuller looking hair?  Three words.. Biotin, Creatine & styling. It really is that simple.

Here at Con Moto Pomade, we know that thinning/balding hair can be a major hit on your confidence. That’s why all of our products are specially designed with an exclusive formula to strengthen the bonds in your hair.

 The truth is, most guys are unaware that the quality of their hair degrades over time with normal washing and styling. This leads to poor scalp health, weak follicles, breakage and thinning hair. Just as you supplement your physical health with good nutrition, your hair requires protein and nutrients to supplement healthy growth, leading to stronger, shinier hair that appears more full. Combining naturally derived ingredients, every Con Moto product includes both Creatine and Biotin, which infuses and replaces lacking protein needed to create healthy bonds and stronger follicles, which lead to less breakage and thicker looking hair.

Jason SpezialeComment