Looking for a Cutting-Edge Men’s Hair Styling Product? Introducing the Con Moto Range

Looking for a Cutting-Edge Men’s Hair Styling Product? Introducing the Con Moto Range

Fellas, choosing the best hair styling product for your hair type, style and personality can seem like a minefield.

With so many gels, creams, waxes, sprays and pomades out there, you can waste seemingly endless amounts of time and money in your quest for hair styling product perfection. And we’ve been there, and we’ve worn the t-shirt.

With years of collective experience in the hair industry, us guys and gals at Con Moto have experimented with every emerging trend, men’s hairstyle and men’s hair styling product imaginable - and over the years - we realized one important thing - there a few men’s hair ranges out there that cater for men of all hair types, personalities, walks of life and barnet -based aspirations.

So, with that in mind, we pooled our talents, experience and niche knowledge together and created the Con Moto product line.

Con Moto translates to ‘with movement’, and that’s what we’re all about. Our products are specially designed with an exclusive formula to strengthen the bonds in your hair, so it holds your look when you’re on the move. 

To give you the lowdown on our cutting-edge new men’s hair styling range, we’re going to explore each product, one by one, to help you choose something that suits you and your pomade preferences.

Con Moto Original Pomade


The linchpin of the Con Moto hair styling range, our Original Pomade is ideal for guys looking for the slick back, side part or pompadour hairstyles.  This incredibly versatile pomade boasts a solid hold with a medium shine, no grease feel, our original pomade remains pliable throughout the day and yet washes out easily with just water.

 Con Moto Clay Pomade


Our Clay Pomade is a strong hold styling clay that adds volume to hair without adding weight. Ideal for textured and deliberately messy hairstyles, with a matte finish giving you a more natural look. ConMoto Clay won’t harden on your hair, but remains pliable all day delivering natural nutrients that repair and strengthen hair.

Con Moto Cream Pomade


Our signature cream is a medium hold pomade great for fine hair or taming longer hair styles. With a matt finish and lightweight feel, your hair will appear fuller while being infused with with natural proteins throughout the day. Our cream is made locally in Canada, in small batches, ensuring the highest quality of ingredients for healthy hair.


Con Moto Paste Pomade


Our paste pomade is a pliable matt paste that provides texture and adds definition to every hair type. Our paste is ideal for guys looking for a soft and easy look that remains pliable throughout the day. Along with Creatine and Biotin which deliver additional proteins, our paste is a great everyday product that never feels greasy and washes out easily.

 So, there you have it: Con Moto’s cutting-edge new men’s hair styling product range. Whatever your style and whatever your personality, there’s something for you in this range - and now you know a little more about each pomade, you should go and grab yourself your very own Con Moto.

Here at Con Moto, we care a great deal about men’s hair and all things related which is why we not only live to develop the best products on the market,  but strive to be a comprehensive resource for the modern man, answering and any hair-related questions, concerns curiosities and queries he might have. In short, we’re here for you.

With that in mind, if you have any questions about our product range or you need any men’s hair styling advice, please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.


Jason Speziale