Picking the Best Men's Haircut for your Face Shape

Like snowflakes, the face shape of every human being is unique in its own way, with bumps, ridges, curves and contours that are completely unique to the individual. But, unlike snowflakes, with face shapes, there are definitive types. And, frankly, some haircuts suit certain face shapes better than others.

That said, guys, do you know what your face shape is? Does your current haircut do it justice? And do you know which kind of men’s haircut will best suit your face? If you’re sitting there, pondering this question with a perplexed look on your, well, face - don’t worry - because we’re here to help with our quick guide on choosing the perfect men’s haircut for your personal shape.

Face shapes? What is my face shape?

Fellas, before you even thinking about selecting the perfect men's haircut for you, it's essential that you identify your face shape. And here’s a little step-by-step advice on how to decide which face shape you have:

One. Grab a mirror, a comb and a good old-fashioned bar of soap.

Two. Pull your hair right back with a comb and hold it firmly in place.

Three. Get a grip on your bar of soap and trace the outline of your head onto the mirror in front of you.

Four. The soapy mirror illustration before you will reflect either a square, triangle, round, diamond, oval or oblong shape. You will have discovered your definitive face shape category.

Five. Clean up your mirror or leave it there to remind yourself of your face shape - the choice is yours!

Finding the right haircut for your face newfound face shape

Now that you’ve discovered your definitive face shape, here is a guide to the best men’s haircut according to type.


For the square-faced gentleman, there are particular hairstyle features that will help accentuate that strong jaw and high cheekbones. To do so, it's advisable to keep your sideburns relatively short - inline with your earlobe at most - while keeping your hair short and styled upwards.

For the gent with the square jaw, a neat ‘Mad Men’ side-parting or a textured modern pompadour are two of the best men’s hairstyles you can wear.


For the fella with the triangular face, adding width as well as volume to the top of your head, relying on length to balance the appearance of your jawline will work wonders. Moreover, a well-defined fringe or bangs will complement your distinctive face shape a treat.

Without a doubt, the best hairstyles for the triangular face are  heavy pompadours with plenty of volume, or for a more striking look, a bald fade with added volume on top or cropped with a squared fringe will make you look on point.


If you have one of those wonderful diamond face shapes, complete with length and a defined pointed chin, there are certain men's haircuts that will make you look amazing.

One of the best things about the diamond face shape is the fact that it suits longer hairstyles down to a tee. That said, if you’re a diamond kind of man, going for a messy, full-length fringe, a textured jaw or shoulder-length mane will complement your facial features while giving you plenty of canvas to play with (and when we say canvas, we mean hair, of course).


The oval face shape is defined by a face that is longer than the width of your cheekbones and a forehead that is generally wider than your jawline. To make your oval face shine bright, we advise avoiding defined fringes or bangs as they will make your face appear wider.

For you excellent egg-headers out there, the best men’s haircuts you can opt for are those in the smart, medium-length category - and an angled quiffed pompadour is a real winner, hands down.


The round of circular face best suits a shorter more cropped style as well as a swept fringe as these features will give you a more chiselled look.

With this in mind, the aim for face shapes of the round variety is to more defined, more lengthy jawline by creating height at the top of the head. So, side-partings with neat or buzzed short back and sides and French crops with messy, textured fringes are the ticket to success.

Whatever your face shape, there are a host of excellent styles out there to suit you and this guide will help you on your quest to find your dream do. And once you’ve found it, you can keep it in shape with a little something from our cutting-edge range of pomades.

Jason Speziale