The Men’s Bowl Cut is Back, and Here’s How You Can Achieve the Look

Ah, the men's bowl cut. This sharp, slick, rounded and widely sported haircut has weaved in and out of style for many decades, but no matter how many times people try to eliminate it from the public consciousness, it always claws its way back.

Why is that, you say? Well, put simply, it’s because it’s cool, it’s iconic and it’s oh so versatile - and this year, it’s back, and it’s hotter than ever. In fact, the men’s bowl cut, or mushroom haircut, has made such a renaissance that  it’s the hottest gentlemen’s hairdo of the year so far.

While the bowl cut is synonymous with the budget hairstylings of school kids, this razor sharp men’s hairstyle became the toast of the 90s, borrowing the heavy shapes of 1960s but with an unmistakable contemporary edge.

And of course, as we know, fashion always comes full circle - and as you’ll also know by now, this modern throwback of a modern throwback is now right back where it should be - on the streets, on the catwalks, in music videos and in the movies.

If you’re looking for a head-turning new haircut that is not only stunning to look at but easy to style, the bowl cut or mushroom haircut may just be for you - and if this is indeed the case, read on because we’re going to tell you more.

What is a bowl cut?


The exact roots of the bowl cut aren't 100% clear but the style as we know it today gained rapid popularity in the 90s due to a simplicity that required minimal styling and was easy to maintain.

Tired, time-strapped mums and dads would literally place a large bowl on their child’s (or each others) head and cut around it, creating a mushroom-like aesthetic that kept the hair from getting too long or troublesome. But like all innovative notions, the bowl cut fell into the hands of hairstylists and eventually Hollywood, and it became one of the most trendy cuts of the decade.

In essence, the style is a harsh undercut, or sidecut, that consists of strands of hair descending down the back and sides or the head, leaving a cascading or upside down bowl (or mushroom) effect.

How can I get a bowl cut?

To achieve what's considered to be genuine bowl cut, there must be a defined step between the bowl or mushroom section of the haircut on top and the back and sides.

Now, you can create a harsh or extreme look by requesting an incredibly short buzz cut on the back and sides that graduates up to a sudden step, or you can opt for slightly long cropped back and sides that fade slightly into the bowl section.

The choice is yours and to help you communicate your desired do to your barber or stylist, you can consult our practical guide to asking for the right haircut.

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How can I style my bowl or mushroom haircut?

Once you've decided on your level or extremity of bowl cut, the next step is to consider how you're going to style it.

When it comes to the trendy modern bowl cut, there are two definitive ways you can style or wear it: messy and textured or sharp and tidy.

Here’s how you can achieve each look:

Messy and textured

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To get that messy, bedhead bowl cut look, simply hair apply a small amount of quality clay through the hair and ruffle it forwards with your hands to develop a messy fringe.

Next, work the sides, the overhang from the longer hair from towards your crown and pull parts of your hair down with your fingers to maintain that legendary bowl shape around the remainder of your head. If you want to ensure it holds in place extra well, you can apply a little hairspray to finish.

Perfect product: Con Moto's Clay Pomade will give you all the hold you need while helping you to achieve that naturally messy or textured look.

Sharp and tidy

3 copy 5.png

For a contemporary spin on the classic bowl or mushroom haircut, the sharp and tidy look is a real jaw-dropper.

To get the look, the haircut must first be spot on. Once you've got the bowl cut of your dreams, you will need to apply gel or cream to your towel dried hair and begin to lightly blow dry it with a comb or brush to create your desired shape, and to ensure your bowl is super sharp, add a little extra cream or gel - conservatively - to the bottom of your step until you're happy with the result.

Perfect product: Con Moto’s Cream Pomade will help you shape your bowl with precision while maintaining your hair’s natural bounce and movement.

The bowl cut is on top of today's trend pile, and by taking the time to consider what style will suit you and your personality, there's little doubt that you'll be one satisfied, stylish and cool customer when you waltz out of your local barbershop or stylist’s.

We know getting a striking new hairdo is a big deal and if you'd like more information or a little expert consultancy before you take the plunge, please do drop us a line - we'll be more than happy to help.

Jason Speziale