The Ultimate Guide to Bald Fade Haircuts

The bald fade is one of the latest trending men’s haircuts, making real waves across the globe. There are many variations of the bald fade haircut, from the long to the short and the subtle to the extreme - and here we’re going to explore them all.

Not only will we be looking at the difference between skin fade and bald fade haircuts (very briefly, you’ll see what we mean in a moment), but we also take a gander at the many variations of the bald fade hairdo, as well as priceless insights and styling tips to help you ensure your mane is slick, ship shape and shiny.

Call it your ultimate guide to bald fade haircuts.
So, without further ado fellas, here’s everything you need to know about the mighty bald fade

hairstyle in one neat package - happy reading.

Bald fade versus skin fade

Before we delve any deeper into the wonderful world of bald face haircuts, it’s important to consider exactly what defines this most iconic of hairdos - and what differences it has to its cousin - the skin fade.

The bald fade

Essentially, the bald fade is the contemporary short back and sides. Fade is the term used to describe the seamless transition between shorter and slightly longer lengths of hair that sit at the back and the sides of the head. With a regular fade, the transition is often from a grade two, rising up to a grade five. But, with the iconic bald fade, the hair goes almost right the way down to skin level.

The skin fade

Here's the trick: contrary to popular belief, the bald fade and skin fade are one in the same. Some barbers prefer to use the term 'bald fade', and others like to use the term 'skin fade' - it's that simple. Either way, you’ll get the same haircut.

If you'd like to get a little clarity on a host of other common men's hair myths, check our handy guide here.

Different types of bald fade haircut

Fellas, to help to steer you confidently along the path to bald fade enlightenment, here is our rundown of different bald fade haircut styles - happy browsing.

The high bald fade

Starting with the most extreme of the bunch, the high bald fade is a version of this popular style that commands serious attention. In this instance, the hairless section of the cut is taken right up to around two inches above the top of the ear. From there, a swift and seamless graduation begins until the back and sides meet with the hair on top of the head.

The mid bald fade (aka ‘the middleman’)

A striking version of the bald fade that is slightly less extreme than the high fade, this is a cut we like to refer to as 'the middleman'. Here, the cut itself will start slightly lower than the high bald fade – an inch or so above the top of your ear – and blending into the upwards to help maximize the bangs, quiff or layering on top of your head.

The low bald fade

The low version of the bald fade is perhaps the least extreme of the three heights, as it were. Essentially, the low bald fade starts out just above the ear, gradually increasing in length until it blends with the hair on top of the head. This version of bald fade is the ideal style to choose if you're a first-timer and want to get a gauge on how the style looks on you.

The bald taper drop

The bald taper fade style is particularly unique as it doesn’t rely solely on the clippers to achieve the final results. It's possible to get the end product in the form of a low, mid or high fade (the choice is yours), transitioning through the grades before using scissors, facilitating the ability for more length higher up the head.

The bald taper fade

Most fade hairstyles tend to slope downwards behind the ear, but the drop fade accentuates this feature, making it a defining characteristic. This take on the bald fade lends itself well to a host of styles, making it the ideal accompaniment to almost any classic short back and sides do.

Bald fade nuances

Now that we’ve covered the five definitive styles of the bald fade, let’s delve a little deeper by looking at other variations or nuances of this trending men’s hairstyle.

Textured crop style: Made insanely popular across the globe by a certain Peaky Blinders, the textured crop is slick, streamlined and can be worn with a little extra length at the front, if you feel so inclined.

The buzz style: Ideal for the man with thinning or receding hair, the buzz cut version of the bald fade works wonderfully with all of the five main styles and serves to make the hair look fuller while adding an all-important element of edge to your look.

The quiff or pompadour style: Take a classic quiff or pompadour, apply a bald fade style or variation of your choice and you’ll have a contemporary, stand out version of this classic and timeless throwback hairdo.

The side part style: Part textured crop, part pompadour, but with a slick, unmistakable dose of side parting added to the top for maximum effect, this modern take on a classic and gentlemanly military style is a solid option when it comes to the bald fade.

Quickfire styling tips

To help you on your quest to bald fade perfection, here are some essential styling tips for your viewing pleasure:

●  Choose the right style of pomade for your hair type and pompadour style - this quick guide will help.

●  Learn to blowdry your hair correctly - this will form the foundations of the ongoing success of any bald fade style, from the cropped to the coiffered.

●  If you're looking for maximum volume, use the higher heat settings on your blow dryer; if you're going for a flatter, more 'Peaky' look, use the lower or cooler settings, further away from your head.

●  Start with a conservative dose of your desired pomade, and add as required. This will ensure you build your ideal look step by step, ensuring the end result is as natural or slick as you require - if you add a big dollop of product right off the bat, you may have to start again from scratch.

"Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression." - Carolyn Aronson

Without a shadow of a doubt, the bald fade is one heck of a men’s hairstyle. With a bald fade, there’s so much to play with in terms of style and variation, meaning you can chop, change and modify your do on a regular basis while retaining an iconic look that will make people stop in the street and say, “wow.”

Use this guide to help you decide which bald fade you’d like to try out and once you’ve had you’ve achieved your dream do, please share it with us and the rest of the CON MOTO community by sharing pictures with us on Pinterest.

Jason Speziale