Thick Hair Taming For Men

If you have thick, full, luscious locks with plenty of volume, you've got a lot to be thankful for. But, perks aside, thick hair can be wild, unruly and hard to handle. And when you’re hair is hard to handle, it’s not only difficult to keep styled, but taming that mane can cost you colossal amounts of time every day.

But, thick haired fellas, never fear, because we’ve got some thick hair taming tips for men with your name on - practical advice that will help you keep your mane looking and feeling like a million dollars with less time-consuming effort than ever before.

Let’s get going, shall we?

Dry with care

When drying your hair, pat it down with a towel instead of violently rubbing your head: not only will this help you maintain the natural contours of your hair, making it easier to style, but it will also prevent it from getting damaged. When you have thick hair, damage can make it incredibly coarse, leading to an untidy, unruly mop that is hard to maintain.

Do you want to know how to blow dry your hair the right way? Check out our guide to blowdrying right here.

Go long (or longer)

If you have particularly thick hair, wearing it short can bestow it with a tendency to ping upwards, making your hairdo resemble a loaf of bread tipped on its end (well, you get the picture).

Now, hair that extends past your earlobes, jawline or shoulders elongates your strands, weighing unruly hair down in the process. Going long, or longer, will help give you the weight you need to make your thick locs more manageable - it will also give you plenty of scope for trying out cool new styles too.

Don’t let it dry out

If thick hair gets too dry it becomes coarse, making it look and feel unsightly. Moreover, if fully dried out, taming you thick mane can quickly become a nightmare.

That said, you should always use conditioner when washing your hair to help maintain moisture levels and avoid hard to handle frizz or unwanted bursts of volume.

With a little trial and error, you’ll be able to find a conditioner that works for you and your hair long-term. Alternatively, you could make your very own hair conditioner with a ultimate homemade recipe.

Bonus tip: For keeping your hair hydrated between conditioning, a good quality body lotion will work wonders. Simply apply a light dollop of your prefered lotion to your head near the roots and run though with a comb - magic.

Heat protector

When thick hair is exposed to heat, it can rise quicker than a giant souffle. That said, if you work in construction or a hot, stuffy office, or you dwell in a warm environment, regularly applying aheat protectantto your mane will keep it in check, creating an excellent canvas for styling.

Thick hair is a blessing but we also know that when it gets out of control it can become a curse. But by keeping on top of your maintenance regime, you’ll be taking names and turning heads without even breaking a sweat.

We hope that these thick hair taming tips for men serve to help you keep a leash on the beast 24/7, and if you’re reading this thinking, ‘I wish I had thick hair; I want to give my do a boost’, then you’re in luck because here are some tip-top tips to help you achieve thicker hair.

Jason Speziale