This DIY Beard Oil Recipe Will Give Your Facial Hair Pep, Volume and Style

“The beard signifies the courageous; the beard distinguishes the grown man, the earnest, the active, the vigorous. So that when we describe such, we say, he is a bearded man.”  - St. Augustine of Hippo

Beards are in right now, and for many men, facial hair is just as important as head hair as it offers an additional means of sharing their personality with the world. They are also rugged and pretty cool if we do say so ourselves (well, if styled, groomed and cared for correctly, anyway).

That said, if you currently sport a beard or you’re thinking about growing one in the not so distant future - it’s important to understand that using the right products is paramount as this will ultimately dictate the health, volume, and overall success of your beard.

And the best way to ensure you’re facial hair is looked after is by using beard oil.

Now, there are plenty of beard oil varieties out there - and like most things in this world - some are better than others. The thing is, buying beard oil regularly can prove to be a costly venture. But, have you ever considered making your own?

Well, it’s totally possible, it’s economical, it’s time-friendly, and you will be amazed at the results. And lucky for you, our beardy (or soon to be beardy) compadre, we have a quick, easy and effective beard oil recipe with your name on it.

Con Moto’s beard oil recipe

Preparation and concoction time: 5 - 7 minutes

The magic ingredients:

  • Half an ounce of jojoba oil

  • Half an ounce of sweet almond oil

  • One tablespoon of coconut oil

  • Four drops of rosemary oil

  • Four drops of sandalwood oil 

  • A small bottle with a cap or liquid extractor

How to make it:

One. Add your jojoba oil to your bottle and make sure it’s distributed evenly.

Two. Next up, add your sweet almond oil and coconut oil to the mix.

Three. Now, drop in your rosemary and sandalwood oils.

Four. Place the cap on your bottle securely and shake it like you mean it.

Five. Let it settle for a moment so all of your ingredients infuse, then take off the cap, have a sniff and massage some of your brand new beard oil into your facial hair.

Six. Brush or groom your facial hair as desired then show of your shiny new beard to your friends and family.

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Jason Speziale