Tip-Top Beard Maintenance Tips for the Modern Gent

“Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly and beneficial.”- Anonymous bearded warrior

Guys, if you’re into your facial manes and you’ve started to check out various beard styles, you might be wondering how to ensure your journey from stubble to superior style is a smooth and prosperous one. And lucky for you it will be because we’re here to offer you our tip-top selection of beard maintenance tips especially for the modern gent: aka, you.

To achieve bearded perfection you not only have to choose a style that works for you, but you have to concentrate on beard maintenance - as without healthy facial locks, your creation could end up looking pretty lacklustre. And no one wants that - no sir.

That said, let’s get into our tip-top beard maintenance tips, fresh from the CON MOTO kitchen...


First off the bat is the small matter of skincare. Now, many men overlook this part of their beard maintenance regimen - but it’s important - in fact, it forms the very foundations of ‘facial ferret’ success.

First of all, you should find a face scrub and balm that suits your skin type - with a little research as well as a touch of trial and error, you will find the perfect product for you. Once you have, stick to it, mixing up the medicine will only serve to irritate your skin.

Also, when you’re shaving around your beard, you should do so in a hot shower to open up your pores, working slowly and methodically, with the contours of your hair to remove the hair;

afterwards you should apply a balm to the skin surrounding the beard while massaging anatural moisturizer (regular face lotion is always a winner) into the beard, keeping your hair, and the face underneath, glowing and healthy.

Shampooing and styling

Expanding on our previous beard maintenance tip, to ensure your facial mane is not only in tip-top condition but looks incredible too, you need to get your shampooing and styling game right.

When it comes to shampooing your beard, choosing a product that is largely natural will help fortify your facial hair - and coupled with a conservative dollop of conditioner - your mane will be glowing with a lion’s pride from morning until night-time. Just make sure you massage your moisturizer deep into your beard after shampooing.

Now, to help you optimize that beard of yours for maximum success, here are some beard styling hacks for your reading pleasure:

●  Relax that moustache: While you're trimming the moustache section of your beard to preference, you should completely relax your mouth, adopting a resting face. This approach will allow your face to move with scissors, allowing you to achieve a far more accurate, more natural and more rewarding cut. Remember, your moustache is a small strip of hair but it's the centerpiece of almost all beard styles, so pay it the attention it deserves.

●  Walk the neckline: Another key component of any beard is the neckline - get this wrong and your beard will fail to make its maximum impact. To ensure your neckline is tailored correctly, when shaving or trimming it at the very bottom, you should aim to create a u-bend kind of shape that works its way around the top of your Adam’s apple. By doing so, you will ensure your beard retains shape, style and doesn’t slowing creep towards your chest hair - you’ll only end up looking like a yeti.

● Pom pom pomade: To get that award-winning beard style that you no doubt deserve, you should grab yourself a pot of pomade - preferably clay-based - and apply a conversative dose to the tips, topping up as needed, using it to sculpt and shape your beard to preference. Not only will clay pomade help it stay in shape, but your beard will smell awesome too.

Beard oil

As far as beard maintenance tips go, this may seem rather obvious, but you’d be amazed at just how many modern gents overlook this magical elixir.

Using beard oil on a daily basis to finish your maintenance routine will help to keep the hair glowing and healthy while supplying it with the moisture it needs for long term care and general success.

There are plenty of weird and wonderful concoctions out there but if you’d like to make your own completely natural beard oil from the comfort of your own home, we have a DIY just for you - enjoy.

We hope our tip-top beard maintenance tips will help you in your quest to total bearded success - and if you have any ideas of your own please do share them with the rest of the CON MOTO family by leaving a comment right here.

Jason Speziale